Frequently Asked Questions About High Dental & Dental Health

What happens during my first appointment?

At the first appointment, we will ask patients to fill in a questionnaire which details any dental concerns you may have. The first visit may take up to an hour, depending on your needs. We usually examine both the teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth and perform an Oral Cancer Screen.

We may take pictures of the teeth/soft tissue to aid patient education. Digital x-rays may be recommended to aid diagnosis. A treatment plan will be printed for you at reception to detail your path to a healthy and beautiful smile!

I am anxious, what can you do to make me feel relaxed?

At High Dental, we try to provide effective treatment in a relaxed and informal setting. Whilst keeping our clinic clean and professional, our staff is patient and sensitive to your needs and will try to make you feel at home. We have relaxing background music, strategically-placed television screens to help take your mind off things. Most importantly, you will have a patient dentist to talk to!

At times, we combine long treatments with some prescribed Oral Sedative.

My child had an accident

Please contact our dental office in Elsternwick immediately and describe the situation. We will then guide you as to the appropriate course of action. Should a tooth be knocked out, please try to locate the tooth and place it in milk and bring it to the clinic.

If bodily harm has been inflicted, please seek treatment at your local Accident and Emergency Department.

I have a dental emergency after Office hours

Do not panic! High dental is open till 6-7pm most days. In fact, on Thursdays, we are there till 8pm. However, if you need urgent advice, please email info@highdental.com.au. Our response is usually swift. Should you have any swelling which affects speech and/or breathing, please contact your local Accident and Emergency department immediately.

I don’t like my smile. What can I do?

Every patient is different and will have different aesthetic requirements. Book a consultation at our Elsternwick dentist and we will go through all the appropriate treatment options for you. Often, we will be able to find an appropriate treatment to suit every patient.

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