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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards help to prevent dental injuries in people participating in contact sports. At High Dental, we use advanced technology to fabricate custom mouth guards that are well-fitting and comfortable to wear. Well-designed mouth guards are extremely important in minimising impact to your teeth as well as other oral structures.

What are the benefits of custom mouth guards?

Organisations for contact sports (e.g. basketball, boxing, football, hockey, rugby, etc.) recommend mouth guards for their members. The custom mouth guards that we create will reduce the risk of injury to your:

  • front teeth,
  • lip, 
  • tongue,
  • jaw bone,
  • jaw joint, and 
  • existing orthodontic appliances (e.g. braces).


If you are a school or sports club looking to provide your team members with custom fitted mouthguards, you’re at the right place. We offer mouthguards to schools and sports clubs at a heavily discounted price.

High Dental can provide mouth guards in Melbourne. Schedule an appointment today!

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