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TeethXpress implants

As implants are advancing they are becoming more and more available to dental patients. More dental health professionals and dentists are learning how to perform the procedures and aftercare treatments making it easier for patients to get implants in a timely manner.

Your dentist will advise you of total costs after your exact treatment requirements have been determined.
At High Dental, we offer the highest standard of  TeethXpress implants in Melbourneat affordable prices. Our skilled dentists are trained to perform the procedure with most care and professionalism, to give you the perfect smile in just a couple of days.

What is TeethXpress implants?

TeethXpress implants is an implant that has four implants seated in the bone where the entire dental arch of teeth is replaced. It is a complete set of teeth but secured by the four implants. This TeethXpress implants procedure is an option for replacing teeth, the other option is a complete denture to replace the whole arch. The TeethXpress implants look and feel like real teeth, allowing the patient to chew and talk as if they had their natural teeth back.

Your dentist will advise you of total costs after your exact treatment requirements have been determined.

How Is The TeethXpress implants Procedure Done & How Long Does It Take?

A detailed examination must first be performed. Impressions and measurements are taken of your face and jaw. A 3D CBCT scan is taken and you will be scheduled for a consultation at which time we will discuss how long the procedure will take. The implants are then made and seated.

This surgical procedure can be done under local anesthesia or may require IV sedation. Our dentists will discuss this with you and tailor the treatment to your needs. The implants are placed and the replacement teeth are seated. This procedure will usually take 2 to 3 hours.

How Long Do Implants Take To Heal?

Healing is dependent upon many factors. The patient’s immune system, diet, exercise, habits such as smoking, any abusive behaviour regarding street drugs and alcohol, play a role in healing. Most patients will heal uneventfully after 1-2 weeks and the implants will integrate after 3 months. Performing the surgical procedure in one day and seating the arch of teeth the next can shorten treatment time and has proven popular with patients.

How Long Do TeethXpress implants Last?

Most implants will typically last 5-15 years, with some lasting in excess of 20 years. This depends on how well the implants are taken care of and the maintenance of the denture and implants. Most denture parts will wear a little bit but not too much as they are made of advanced materials.

Can TeethXpress implants Fail?

Most procedures are completed uneventfully. However, parts of the process can not go as expected, thus causing extra procedures and extending the seating date out longer than scheduled.

What Are The TeethXpress implants Advantages?

The advantages of having an TeethXpress implants procedure are:

1) Less recovery time
2) More secure than a denture
3) Fitting just around the gumline, not the whole arch.
4) Easy cleaning
5) The bone that surrounds and supports the teeth will not deteriorate as quickly as with a complete denture.

All these things and the fact that you will have teeth to smile with and show a nice bright, white mouth is the best advantage for having TeethXpress implants procedure done by our High Dental dentists.

Do I Qualify To Get TeethXpress implants?

Qualifying for the TeethXpress implants depends on a number of factors. That is why a consultation appointment is necessary to make that determination. X-rays, dental exam, impressions, measurements of the face and bone structure that is remaining, and teeth that are present all play a role in deciding if a patient qualifies for an TeethXpress implants procedure.

How Do The TeethXpress implants Differ From Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are just that, complete. They cover the entire arch of the top jaw. The teeth and gums and palate are covered in acrylic and the lower jaw is covered and surrounds the tongue. This restricts spaces for the tongue and it often pushes the acrylic denture up and moves it around. Dental implants are osseointegrated to the bone and hence anchor your new set of teeth securely.

How Do I Care For My TeethXpress implants?

Everyday care and maintenance are also advised to keep the implants in great condition. These include daily brushing, mouthwash, flossing and interdental brushing under the replacement teeth and most importantly in office cleaning and examination every 6 months.

Gum disease can impact the implant so it is highly recommended to keep them clean and perform regular maintenance procedures. Scheduling an appointment with High Dental for regular recall visits is important. Dental Implants should be well cared for so that they last the maximum amount of time.

TeethXpress implants are highly recommended for patients that meet the criteria and qualify for them. They make a more secure fitted replacement structure for your dental health. This allows for better chewing and in turn better digestion and healthier eating habits, not to mention the new smile that we have given you for years to come.

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Before TeethXpress implants

After TeethXpress implants


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