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Smile Makeovers – Cosmetic Smile Design

High Dental has helped to improve the smiles of numerous patients and restore confidence to many individuals. Your smile can have a huge impact on both your personal and professional life and we want to make sure that your smile makes you feel confident. Here is some brief information about our Smile Makeovers and how they can help to restore your smile.

What Is Included in a Smile Makeover?

Our treatment procedures for a smile design include many options, such as teeth whitening, straightening, dental implants or veneers. Over the years, we have performed cosmetic and dental restoration procedures for many patients. We recommend that you come in for an initial consultation to discuss your smile design and makeover options and specific aesthetic needs. We can review the treatment options, benefits and risks during an examination and tailor a treatment plan designed for you.

What Is the Smile Design Process?

We’ll schedule an exam to help you discuss your needs and take note of any specific requirements for your Smile Makeover. We’ll start by gathering the diagnostic information that is needed to develop a personalized plan. At this time we will also discuss the costs that will be involved.

When Will You Perform My Treatments?

The detailed plan that we will create will outline all of the steps that are required to create your new smile. We’ll also work with you to schedule your treatments during the times that are convenient for you. By scheduling things to meet your needs, we can help make restoring your smile stress and hassle free.

High Dental wants to create a new smile that is perfect for you. To schedule a free information* session about smile makeover at High Dental clinics in Elsternwick contact us today!






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